Ruth Kalinka in Athens WCEU 2023
Ruth Kalinka in Athens for WordCamp Europe 2023

I have been volunteering on the Communications Team, PR Team, and as a bridge with the Local Team in Torino. What began as a few hours per week in October, turned into an average of 20+ hours per week by January. That weekly contribution increased again in the past month and will continue to be needed in the weeks ahead.

I am all in, but I need your help to get to Europe.

I have participated in over 40 WordCamps, including as a Organizer (2), Volunteer (13), and Attendee in Spanish as a second language (7).

Last year in Athens was my 7th WordCamp Europe, my 4th as a Volunteer. As the event ended, I knew it was time to become a WordCamp Europe Organizer. By reaching out on Slack while still in Athens, I found myself organizing unofficial post-WordCamp meetups with anyone who was still in town. In doing so, I met many first-time WCEU travelers who appreciated the effort. I wanted to do more to help people feel connected before, during, and after traveling for large international conferences.

When I was selected as an Organizer 8 months ago, I committed to being in Torino in June. Our work as organizers is multiplying in these final weeks before WordCamp Europe, and there will be even more to do when we arrive.

Beyond taking that commitment seriously, I am excited to see the fruits of our labor and to finally visit Italy for the first time after decades of dreaming.

Ruth Kalinka,with WordCamp Organizers Rocío Valdivia and Gustavo Galati enjoying a Spanish community picnic in Athens, Greece on the last day of WordCamp Europe 2023
Ruth Kalinka with WordCamp Organizers Rocío Valdivia and Gustavo Galati enjoying a Spanish community picnic in Athens, Greece on the last day of WordCamp Europe 2023

Unfortunately, a client didn’t pay, and I will only be able to make good on this commitment with your help.

How You Can Help

  1. Money: Time-sensitive financial challenges include airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, meals, and more
  2. Accommodations: Contact Me

Ruth Kalinka at WordCamp Europe 2023

Meet Me in Torino

I have several business meetings planned in Torino. I would be happy to meet with more companies to explore opportunities, including sponsored contributions, content design, marketing, community roles, and representation at events around the world. (Contact Me)

Here’s Your Chance to Give Back

  • If you enjoy WordCamps and want to support the WordPress community.
  • If you appreciate the WordCamp Europe Torino Travel Guide and custom Google Maps we launched this week.
  • If you believe I bring value to WordCamp and want to spend time together in Torino.
  • If you delight in serendipitous acts of kindness and want to share the love.
  • If you love traveling vicariously through my cross-cultural adventures and want to join me on my first trip to Italy.
  • If I have ever touched your life and you would like to express gratitude.

Countdown to Torino

The work for every WordCamp Europe organizing team is accelerating in the month before the big event. The Communications and PR Teams are especially busy as we are responsible for reviewing and distributing information about every aspect of the conference, as well as coordinating interviews for our Media Partners. The Local Team will be the busiest of all as our local hosts, so anything the rest of us can do to be on hand in Torino will improve the event’s success.

I am working on the first-ever WordCamp Europe interactive Torino Travel Guide with a great team who embraced my idea of taking this beyond basic text editing, supporting Media Partners with the PR Team, and assisting with numerous requests content editing requests from all the teams as June approaches. I am the point of contact for Media Partners who publish in Spanish, as an extension of my participation in and support for the Spanish-speaking WordPress community.

In Torino

Additionally, I have been working on Italian language studies (and attending the Local Team’s weekly meetings in Italian!), studying Torino maps and public transit, researching numerous amazing places to visit, and learning about cultural and culinary experiences that are special to Torino.

I plan to arrive in Torino the week before WordCamp Europe to be more useful to the organizing team and to our WordCamp travelers. In doing so, I’ll have a cushion for travel surprises, as well as the opportunity to tune up my Italian language skills, make the time zone transition, collaborate with other organizers in person and in the same time zone, get to know the city, master public transit, help with event setup, organize side events, and more.

Torino and Beyond

When the conference ends, the organizers have several more weeks of work, a short break, and then start over again as summer ends. I am keen to continue contributing as a WordCamp Europe Organizer and engaging in our polyglot community. I hope to find a way to do this more sustainably as a sponsored contributor and working with companies on communication and community relations projects in international and multilingual markets.

The Organizers are all doing a lot of unpaid work for the love of our community, and some of us still need financial support to get to Torino. We are all excited to make the biggest WordCamp in the world an incredible experience for everyone and hope you enjoy the event in Torino!

Please show your love by sponsoring a WordCamp Europe Organizer.

(And enjoy these photos from WordCamp Europe 2023 in Athens!)