Through roles in the strategy, user experience, design, and language of online communications, I help people get what they need quickly and easily. Understanding how to engage your audience informs our approach to your design and content strategy.

Ruth Kalinka
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My experience includes web design, branding, event promotion, email campaigns, social media, ecommerce, print design/production, copywriting, and editing.  I am passionate about clean, standards-based web design and usability – design that is beautiful in both form and function.

My background includes customer service and user experience, so your customers are always on my mind.

I love language, travel, food, wine, cooking, holistic health, photography, dance, yoga, Indian music, British comedy, Asian cuisine, meeting new people, and serendipity.

Languages studied: American English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, British English, and Hindi – to various levels of linguistic and cultural proficiency, working toward fluency. Languages sung: All of the above, plus Latin, German, Hebrew, and Welsh.

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